I’m twenty-two.

Once upon a time, autumn night, we’ve been sitting, having wine, playing games, taking turns, asking other players about things they have done, and the things that they haven’t. Truth or dare, fifteen questions, loose, steamy atmosphere, I’m happy to be here.

I wear my mum’s ripped-knee washed…

Simultaneously I remember how the word ‘fuck’ makes all those terrible self-help books sellable. Maybe I will eventually, also, make my article terrible, then terribly readable. Then terribly clickable. Because that is exactly why we are here. Make it all terribly clickable. No offense John C. Parkin, no offense, still haven’t managed to quit my day job, nor to take that finger-licking, mouth-watering debt in dollars or pounds doesn’t matter.

Principally, I am not going to tell you what books would actually change your life from the top or the bottom, I am writing this text to chew some things over or just to ask you very friendly when was the last time you’ve enjoyed being wrong? Being disproved, incorrect…

Gabija Jonelytė

Loves to discuss, being right and (sometimes) being proven wrong.

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